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  • Stand with Clients, Strong in Cases
    Your best choice.
  • Stand with Clients, Strong in Cases
    Your best choice.
  • Stand with Clients, Strong in Cases
    Your best choice.
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Professional Legal Consultation

Flexible attorney skills and quality documentations support clients to achieve desired results in a cost-effective manner. We relate to their circumstances and fight for their best interests. Our professional team, with on average six years of hands-on experiences, offer legal services at all time.

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Business Legal Supports for You

We stand with entrepreneurs and offer professional advices and effective strategies that do not backfire. We support clients in legal battlefields amid market competitions. Our team includes attorneys and accountants fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese, with their knowledge in corporate and financial laws, to brainstorm and suggest solutions under time pressure for utmost interests within legal boundaries.

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Protect Your Intellectual Properties

Besides paperwork, we have a lot of experiences on intellectual property applications, our seasoned attorneys also evaluate potential issues in disputes and utilize international connections to secure interests for clients.


『民事』1歲童抓餐盤打翻遭熱湯潑 肩膀、膝蓋「2級燙傷」

2023-03-25 14:51:54 UTC



『民事』被中國賤賣裝沒事? 故宮外流圖 改口商用不違法

2023-03-25 14:11:18 UTC

國立故宮博物院一再強調,高解析度的外洩圖片,並非被駭客入侵,因為這些都是放在「故宮Open Data專區」,對外開放的檔案,不過鏡新聞追蹤,發現不少外流圖檔根本就不在OPEN DATA專區。甚至,中國淘寶賣家今天還上架了 更多國寶圖檔,同時也告訴鏡新聞記者,因為檔案龐大,接下來會分批慢慢上架。



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