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TaipeiLaw provides various professional services in various fields of expertise

To the general public, the first impression on attorney is associated with lawsuits and litigation.TaipeiLaw undertakes litigations of various types. Aside from civil litigation in property and real estate disputes, we also take domestic cases associated with marriage and kinship; criminal cases with illegal drugs, and property crimes, as well as administrative litigation on legal rights against government agencies. Our experienced and dedicated team of attorneys organizes process flow and methodologies in dealing with various types of litigation. We provide high quality skills in preparing legal documents, court hearings and trial procedures,, in our efforts to gain the best interests and most favorable ruling for our clients.

The annual shareholder meeting can easily attract competition for management rights between the corporate and market factions. Therefore, to gain a majority of the board seats for the management in shareholders' and board meetings, the shareholding proportion, equity procurement, proxy solicitation and convener's rights are critical, but they require strategies: applying for shareholding minority initiated shareholders' meeting, supervisors initiated shareholders' meeting, prosecution of criminal acts committed against civil rights (suing directors and supervisors for breach of trust, embezzlement, forgery, and infringement of the Securities Exchange Act), applying for preliminary injunction and provisional injunction (prohibiting the chairman, directors, and supervisors from exercising powers, prohibiting shareholders from exercising equity rights), applying for interim management (temporary replacement of the board, chairman), applying for provisional seizure (seizing the property of the company or senior staff), civil litigation (appeal for returning company seals, revocation of shareholders’ meeting, claims on damages). We have a great team of attorneys who have an extensive knowledge of corporate law, and are well equipped with practical experience. All varieties of legal problems are comprehensively discussed by the team to provide solutions in achieving the best interests of our clients.

The Labor Standards Act has been the law for providing basic and essential protection for the economically disadvantaged workers in Taiwan.The Ministry of Labor and local labor agencies often have differing interpretations of the law on labor dispute cases.Different forms of general civil litigations and labor disputes not only rely on the legal basis, but also require applicable interpretation of the provisions, in that the definitions of these provisions shall be accompanied by practical judgment for appropriate interpretation and recognition.Our law firm has undertaken many labor dispute cases, covering the preliminary mediation between employees and employers, all the way to labor dispute litigation. With abundant practical experience in the whole process, we can cover all the proceedings and details, in the expectation of fully protecting the rights of our clients.

Government procurement includes construction projects, labor, and assets procurement, which involve bidding, contenders review, and the awarding of contracts, as well as subsequent contract execution and management that may arise with contract compliance disputes. Our firm is very experienced in all relevant matters, such as project compliance and payment disputes, and related litigation.

Patent, trademark, and copyright are the three core essences of our country's intellectual property rights. We are highly experienced in the preliminary application process, with professional knowledge of the legal procedures and documentation required by the Intellectual Property Office. We offer professional assistance with the preliminary application, as well as the handling of subsequent litigation on intellectual property rights infringement. Our competence in dealing with these matters, whether minor or major ones, has been proven. Although the intellectual property right lawsuits are different from civil and criminal litigation in general, our team has the relevant experience to provide professional advice on litigation defense and offense, in our greatest efforts to gain the best interests for our clients. In addition to intellectual property rights, Executive Yuan Fair Trade Commission in recent years has made quite a few rulings on unfair and indecent competition under the Fair Trade Law. Companies without profound knowledge of law may be subject to adverse rulings unfairly.Aside from the litigation associated with the Fair Trade Law, our firm offers professional support in preparing explanation documents required by the Fair Trade Commission in the early stages of a dispute, as well as professional advice in the administrative stage. With our full and complete assistance, we can help our clients achieve the best possible result and minimize potential damages. We can also help our clients to apply the Fair Trade Law against competitors for their best interests.

Medical disputes have formed a large part of criminal and civil litigations.Hospitals may face claims of alleged medical negligence causing damages or even death to the patients, and the physician may face the patient's damage claims. Our firm has always been at our client’s side in pursuing the best interest in compensation.The growing business of cosmetic surgery has brought the clinics potential medical disputes and accompanied lawsuits.As a long-time consultant for the Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine (CSCSM), we provide the society members with legal knowledge and professional advice associated with cosmetic surgery legal issues, helping them control legal risk and prevent future damages before litigation may happen.In the field of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, recent days have seen disputes and litigation involving the sale of drugs on the Internet without permission from competent authorities, or the importing of unapproved drugs, and even counterfeit drugs.Paying attention to and understanding the relevant regulations is essential for the public medication safety and to avoid breach of the law.

The real estate dispute has a place in the civil litigation.It involves the defects of house leaking, sea sand houses, radiation houses as well as occupying others‘ lands for building houses, cross-boundary construction and so on. The real estate object can easily be worth millions or even tens of millions of NT dollars, making it difficult to get a solution through litigation. As a result, there are a large number of real estate disputes seeking court decision in civil litigation.Real estate disputes usually require legal proceedings for settlement. Our firm has dealt with a significant number of real estate disputes and litigation, covering a wide range from minor disputes like leaks, all the way to the major litigation such as house demolition related to land reclamation and the appeal for land return, that can easily involve tens of millions of NT dollars. Our professional and experienced team will brainstorm the best solution for the best interests of our clients.Our clients do not have to worry about placing their valuable properties in the hands of attorneys lacking experience in real estate cases.

The Personal Data Protection Act was enacted on October 1, 2012. It clearly provides the definition of personal data and further protections measures.Under the legal regulations on personal data protection, Internet operators, hospitals and private businesses could easily have personal client and patient data leaked or compromised, and incurred penalties by competent authorities, or be subject to damage claims from the public.Since the enactment of the new personal data protection law, our attorneys have researched the topic and participated in seminars for thorough discussions. We've collected and presented the research results to corporate clients, supporting them how to comply with the new regulations so as to avoid penalties and civil or criminal lawsuits.

Domestic disputes are different from other legal cases. As the saying goes, "A harmonious family makes prosperity." A domestic issue is definitely not a black-and- white contradiction, right-or- wrong verdict as general civil litigation tends to be. It usually requires consideration for both sides, and for the best interests of any children.And that's why, aside from the Civil Procedure Law, there is an additional Domestic Proceeding Law specifically for domestic litigation cases.Since this type of case is not the same as litigation cases in general, it often comes with non-litigation features, and therefore handling such issues requires experience and patience in order to reach the best solutions for the relevant parties.TaipeiLaw attorneys have dealt with many domestic cases. As our client faces these rigid legal provisions and court procedures, we provide additional support and warmth to our clients and relevant parties during the domestic legal proceedings.

Handling the cases of foreign affairs require listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the relevant foreign language. More importantly, the process of conducting a overseas transaction may involve international trade contract drafting and signing, performing and ensuring compliance with the contract, and may possibly include the final stages of conciliation, arbitration, or litigation. All of these cases involve cross-border document certification, competent jurisdiction, governing law, the applicability of foreign laws, and even the mutual recognition and execution of the home and abroad court rulings. Obviously, the cases of foreign affairs face a variety of situations that are more challenging than dealing with litigation cases in the home country.We are also experienced in foreign-related cases, as our attorneys are fluent in English and Japanese, our attorneys offer professional legal service for various foreign-related cases as a great support to our clients.